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So you want to engage young workers?

Unifor National

Many locals wonder what can be done to get young workers involved in the life and work of the union. It's a great question, and there really are no magic answers. We know that like many members, young workers may face barriers that prevent them from participating. The first step local unions can take to encourage young workers to participate are to identify, remove or alleviate those barriers.

What can you do to make your local more accessible for young workers?

To help you along the way, we have put together some tips in this poster: So you want to engage young workers? Spoiler alert: just like all union members, young workers love free food! Our hope is that it will help you turn your local union into a space where young workers are active and organizing, where our union can be understood as a vehicle for change for everyone.

For questions on how to reach out to young workers or to strategize on how to remove barriers, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Roxanne Dubois

Director of Strategic Planning and Development and Young Workers' Liaison