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Mental Health Matters

A Resource Book for Union Representatives and Local Unions

Message from the President

Dear member, I am glad you have decided to pick up this booklet. Improving the lives of workers and their families has long been the hallmark of the trade union movement. Unifor is no exception. Challenges around addiction and mental illness can often have devastating effects on our members, their employment relationship, and their relationships outside of work. Our union is committed to establishing and building meaningful improvements for our members, not just through strong collective bargaining, but also by providing training and support for our leadership to assist members and their families. Collective bargaining provides us the process needed to establish language that protects workers’ rights, while still respecting the sensitive nature of each individual situation. This means that union leadership have a responsibility to achieve contract language that will support members in need. Depending on the circumstances, this can save a life. I want to thank you for your commitment to advancing this important cause for times when members are feeling most vulnerable.

In solidarity, Jerry Dias, National