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Retired workers play growing role


The role of retirees in the union is growing, with new retired workers chapters being formed or in the works across Canada.

At the Annual Retired Workers Council, Council Chair Les MacDonald said in his report to the council that is “My hope is to see new chapters formed across the country.” Unifor Atlantic Regional Director Lana Payne noted that retirees will play a key role in the political campaigns of the union, especially on files such as pharmacare and pensions in which their own life experiences will help illustrate the need for reform. “Your voices, your stories, and your activism will drive this forward,” Payne said.

Unifor has a retired workers department that provides support for local unions and Retired Workers Chapters across the country.  A retired member is a member of a local union who has ended their employment relationship with a particular employer in the expectation of receiving a pension or retirement income; once you have retired from your job, you are automatically a retired member of your local and the national union, and hold “retired member status” under the Unifor Constitution.

A local union may form a Retired Workers Chapter once 25 active members are retired within the local. The retired member is not required to pay union dues, there is a voluntary dues structure determined by the local Retired Workers Chapter to assist with the funding of activities, and membership in a Chapter is open to any member entitled to retired membership status.

If you are interested in forming a Retired Workers Chapter, joining your fellow Unifor Local 4504 retirees to help make your community a better place for your family, friends and neighbors to live in, you can find more information online:, call  1-800-268-9040 Ext 240 or connect via email at