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Joint Committees  

Labour Management Committee

  • Co Chair Ernie Caissie President Unifor Local 4504 and Computer Sales Associate Bookstore   458 7912.
  • VP SALAC Marilyn Hetherington VP SALAC and Admin Assistant, Math & Stats   458 7373.
  • VP GLTA  Kevin Staples VP GLTA and Electrical Shop Foreperson
  • 4th Executive Board member

Electronic Surveillance Policy Review Committee

  • SALAC Representative Rick Gaigneur  UVP Clerical and Computer Sales Supervisor, Bookstore   458-7912.
  • GLTA Representative   Vacant

Fringe Benefits Review Committee

  • SALAC Representative Rick Gaigneur UVP Clerical and Computer Sales Supervisor, Bookstore   458-7912.
  • GLTA Representative Toby Phillips Carpenter, FM   453 4889.

Joint Health and Safety Committee

  • SALAC Representative Oliver Flecknell UVP Secretarial and Administrative Assistant, Art Centre   453-4623.
  • SALAC Alternate Representative, Susan Allen Library Assistant, Acquisitions   458-7064.
  • GLTA Representative Michael Holmes-Lauder Chief Shop Steward and Classroom Support Specialist   447-3399.
  • GLTA Alternate Representative Troy Doyle  Labourer, FM  453-4889.

Committee for Policy Review - Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Harassment;

  • Unifor Local 4504 Representative Rebecca Ham, Women’s Advocate, UVP Ancillary, Stores, Cleaning,  458-7139.
  • Unifor Local 4504 Representative Nicole Lyons-MacFarlane, Women's Advocate, UVP Library Assistants,  458 7978.

Joint Job Evaluation Appeals Committee SALAC

  • Karen Annett, Secretary, Unifor Local 4504 and Admin Coordinator, Chemical Engineering  452-6066 .
  • Melody Pollack, Secretary, Graduate Office Education   458-7147.
  • Sylvia Whitaker,  Program Assistant, Sociology   458-7085.
  • Sue Allen, Library Assistant, Acquisitions   458-7064.
  • Lisa McLaughlin,  Admin Secretary, Limerick Pulp & Paper (Chem Eng.)  453-4547.
  • Tina Clarke, Library Assistant,  Government Documents, Data HIL   453-4752.

Special Events Committee

  • Tricia Canning, Faculty Admin Assistant, Nursing   458-7650.
  • Terry Parsons, UVP CHP, Security, and Arenas  and Security Patrol Person   453-4830.

By-Law Amendment Committee

Positive Work Environment and Worker’s Rights Sub-Committee

  • Co-Chair Karen Annett, Secretary, Unifor Local 4504, and Admin Coordinator, Chemical Engineering   452-6066.
  • Co-Chair Rebecca Ham,  UVP Ancillary, Stores and related, and Cleaners, Unifor Local 4504 Women's Advocate, and Classroom Services Technology Supervisor 458 7139.
  • Nicole Lyons-MacFarlane, UVP Library Assistants, Unifor Local 4504 Women's Advocate, and Library Assistant, Law Library   458 7978.
  • Jeannie Donald,  Receptionist, Student Services   453-4800.
  • Sherry Churchill , Delivery Officer, College of Extended Learning   458-7223.
  • Tracy McDonald,  Admin Assistant, Sociology   453 4849
  • Terry Parsons, UVP CHP, Security, and Arenas GLTA, and Security Patrol Person   453-4830.

Unifor Local 4504 Elections Committee

Should you wish to contact Committee Chairs, members, or wish to participate in the Committees do not hesitate to contact the Union office at 453-4504 for more information.