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Secretary Unifor Local 4504


Unifor Local 4504 currently has a vacancy on the Executive Board for Secretary as was noted at the last Membership General Meeting April 25, 2018.  The Secretary, as noted in the Unifor Local 4504 By-Laws is responsible for:

  • keeping full, accurate and impartial records of the proceedings of all Membership General Meetings, Biennial Election Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings, and Executive Board Meetings; and keeping a record of each Motion with the Mover’s and the Seconders names along with the membership’s resolution of the Motion in the Minutes Book of the Union.
  • recording all amendments or alterations to the Unifor Local 4504 By-Laws.
  • in collaboration with the Union Office person, receiving correspondence, replying to or taking other appropriate action on all correspondence, and fulfilling other secretarial duties as directed by the President; and in collaboration with the Union Office Person, the Secretary shall keep a file of all communications including copies of all letters sent out, and shall have the power to decide which of those communications arising out of contract provisions with the Employer should be considered personal and private to individual members and shall be dealt with only by the Executive Board either directly or by referral to an appropriate UVP, or Committee.
  • informing the Executive Committee and Executive Board of the contents of all communications since its last meeting, and recommending those communications that should be read at a Membership General Meeting for information or action by the Union.
  • making any recommendations of the Executive Board at the Membership General Meeting for action, receiving the records of meeting attendance from the Sergeant-at-Arms, and ensuring their accuracy and keeping records on file. 
  • presiding over meetings in the absence of both the President and the Vice-Presidents. 
  • in collaboration with the Union Office Person, preparing and distributing all circulars and notices to the members and being responsible for the distribution in sufficient quantities of notices of meeting to the Unit Vice-Presidents for posting.

All candidates will be a continuous member in Good Standing with the Union for at least one year prior to running for the position. 

The election for the Secretary position is on the agenda for the next Membership General Meeting scheduled for June 13 at 4:30 pm in room 105 MacLaggan Hall.