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Membership meeting - Election Meeting of Executive Officers

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 05:30

On behalf of Unifor Local 4504 Secretary, Marilyn Hetherington, we wish to remind members of the April 17, 2019 meeting at 4:30 pm at MacLaggan Hall in room 105 with the Agenda of electing your Executive Officers, and the presentation of the financial audit 2018 for Unifor Local 4504.

On January 30, 2019, the following members were nominated for Office:

President:   Ernie Caissie as nominated by Michael Holmes-Lauder and acclaimed.
VP SALAC:  Marilyn Hetherington as nominated by Karen Annett and acclaimed.


  1. Jeff Smythe as nominated by Michael Holmes-Lauder; and
  2. Brent Dillon as nominated by Mark Baird.

Secretary:  Karen Annett as nominated by Marilyn Hetherington and acclaimed.

Treasurer:  Troy Doyle as nominated by Rebecca Ham and acclaimed.

UVP Ancillary, Stores and Related and Cleaners:    Rebecca Ham as nominated by Michael Holmes-Lauder and acclaimed.

UVP  General Labour, Trades and Related:

  1. Mark Baird as nominated by Jim Dempsey;   
  2. Cameron Beardall as nominated by Brent Dillon;  and 
  3. Jeff Smythe as nominated by Troy Doyle.

UVP Clerical:   Rick Gaigneur as nominated by Kathryn Moffitt and acclaimed.

UVP Library Assistants:  Nicole Lyons-MacFarlane as nominated by Susan Allen and acclaimed.    

UVP Secretarial:   Oliver Flecknell as nominated by Karen Annett and acclaimed.    

UVP CHP, Security and Arenas: Terry Parsons as nominated by Tom Haas and acclaimed.

Chief Shop Steward:  Michael Holmes-Lauder as nominated by Troy Doyle and acclaimed.  

Sergeant-At-Arms:  Dana Legoff as nominated by Ernie Caissie and acclaimed.    

Women’s Advocate:  Rebecca Ham as nominated by Karen Annett and acclaimed.

Women’s Advocate:  Nicole Lyons-MacFarlane as nominated by Rebecca Ham and acclaimed.   

We wish to remind you of the opportunity to exercise your right to vote and remind that every member in Good Standing has the right to vote. All votes must be cast by members in attendance. There will be no proxy votes.

The nominees will be provided the opportunity to speak to their nomination before the election process begins and the Elections Committee will oversee the election.

Note that to vote for the VP GLTA, and UVP General Labour, Trades and Related you must be within the Unit to vote.

The nominator for the member being elected must be in attendance at the April 17 meeting for the nominee to stand in this election.

We look forward to seeing you there.